Sunday, August 08, 2010

Chateau 1771 in El Pueblo, Ortigas

I always have breakfast on the run but I gladly sit down for brunch. One such restaurant that served hearty brunch meals is Chateau 1771 in El Pueblo.

The word brunch was first introduced in 1896 in Hunter's Weekly, which eventually became student slang. In another account, it was introduced by a New York Sun reporter based on a typical mid-day eating habit of newspaper reporters. I find the latter account more credible. Brunch was originally conceived as a Sunday meal (hail lazy Sundays) and usually starts at 11 am. It is interesting to note that the French Academy, the learned body on French language, does not accept brunch as a word. Why should they? It is an affront to the elite dining culture!

Chateau renovated its interiors and themed it according to what I felt was for a female customer base.

Eggs Benedict - English bread, poached organic egg and hollandaise sause with home-made ham for Php 350. My favourite pick, worth going back to.

Swiss Cheese Toast - croute au fromage. Open-faced sandwich generously covered with gruyere cheese and melted with home made ham for Php 330

Pasta Chorizo for Php 390

Chateau 1771
El Pueblo Real de Manila
ADB Ave. cor. Dona Julia Vargas
Ortigas Center, Ortigas, Philippines
Tel 632 6317341

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  1. omg! ive been craving for eggs Benedict for the longest time!!! i remember visiting the wine bar on top that restaurant and made a mental note to visit that one below cause it looked so darn adorable... now i know im definitely going back!