Saturday, August 07, 2010

Ilustrado Restaurant in Intramuros

Hats off to restauranteurs who are consistent with the Old Spanish theme. I dine in beautifully themed restaurants even just to pay tribute to their design.

Ilustrado Restaurant maintained its Grand Staircase, stone garden, windows covered by Capiz shells, history snippets and even the darling kalesa wheels that now function as the chandelier.

In the Philippines, the Ilustrado pertained to middle-class native born intellectuals (essentially, Filipinos, regardless if they were born of Spanish descent) who were molded by Spanish liberal and European nationalist ideas. They advocated for legal equality until the death of the Jose Rizal prompted them to band together with revolutionists. The US policies in the Philippines reinforced the dominant position of the Ilustrados in society, when friar estates were mandated to be sold to Ilustrados as well as government positions offered to them.

Contrary to the European environment that influenced the Ilustrados, the restaurant served simple Filipino food with a touch of flair on some selected items.

Pandesal with sardines, kesong puti and tuna

Home-made sampaguita ice cream for Php 90. It's an acquired taste, but I like it!

Home-made ginger ice cream for Php 90. I loved this! Burned my throat just right. My friends stayed away from it, though. Recommended for individuals who can take boiled ginger without flinching.

Toffee cake for Php 80

Ilustrado Restaurant
744 General Luna Street
Intramuros, Manila
Tel: 632 527 3674

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