Sunday, August 29, 2010

Relish in Ponte Salcedo

My good friend Mela gave me a heads up on the new restaurant that her mom and aunts opened: Relish in Ponte Salcedo. Her sales pitch was: grab a bite to eat in Relish before you hit Ponti, in reference for the nearby yuppie bar. Smart pitch! But I'd say you can have your drinks in Relish too, because they offer thirst-quenching cocktails in beautifully contoured glasses (which I can only admire at a distance since I took the wheel that evening).

I loved Relish's interiors. The place looked a lot like Mela's beautiful home - with flowery wall paper, cushioned seats and clean dividers, very much like a classy artists' lounge. It made me feel like I walked into a spring evening.

I am a big sucker for the color green, it is cooling in the eyes.

A jazz musician plays on Wednesday and Friday nights

Freebie popcorn with pesto. Creative twist!

We had our dinner in Ilustrado previous to our trip to Relish, so while we saw very enticing main items, we opted for the dessert menu instead. Still worth the trip, if only for sweet dessert that cleansed our palate.

Special Relish Delight - a heavenly coco pandan cream concoction for Php 195

Chocolate Caramel Cake for Php 140

Dreamy interiors merit another visit! Heading back for the mains and a cocktail when time permits.

Ground Floor, Ponte Salcedo
120 Valero Street
Makati City, Philippines


  1. Thanks Faith for visiting Relish! Hope to see you again soon. Pls bring your friends and try our Mojitos and other cool drinks. Moise plays Wed., Fri. and Saturday nights.

  2. See this place everyday. Took a peak one time but it looked expensive. What are the price points say for lunch?

  3. Not quite sure Ish, but it didn't seem too extravagant for me or else I would've noted it. The diners I saw were mostly of the older crowd. Assume same prices as Bistro Vert?

  4. This Chocolate Caramel Cake is my favorite desserts @ Salcedo. Thanks for this!