Monday, August 30, 2010

Le Bistro Vert in Salcedo Village

I've been meaning to try out Le Bistro Vert ever since Carlos Celdran mentioned it in his FB. Thanks to my two Makati girl friends, Isa and Lisa (of the Chocolate Fire experience) who made this suggestion. I love friends who know where to dine well. =)

Le Bistro Verti's is an advocate of "sustainable foods" (also their tagline), because they source their ingredients from nearby places. The nearer the source is, less transportation, less carbon emissions, thus moving towards a more sustainable environment.

Some of the items we had:

Sagada orange, carabao cheese, tomato - malunggay, basil, pesto for Php 195. I can't say it's worth the price for such simple ingredients, but I adore the arrangement of the food. This deserved the gourmet meal stamp.

Aligue Spaghettini with Green Mango Shreds - frilled shrimp skewer, grilled tomatoes for Php 295. House specialty, rightfully so! One of the best aligue pasta I've had.

Freshly ground beef and lucban longganisa - quesong puti, roasted onion bread for Php 250

Apahap Fillet, Buro Mustasa. Citrus Soy Dressing, Brown Rice Pilaf for Php 295. Couldn't get enough of this too!

We walked back to my car in the afternoon, and it was beautiful walking along Valero on a sunny afternoon. Thank you to the weather that has been relatively cooperating with me throughout the week!

Le Bistro Vert
Streetside, Fraser Place
Valero Street, Salcedo Village
Makati City, Philippines
Tel: 632 403 1841


  1. Just read this entry. One of the owner of Le Bistro Ver is the Creative Director of EON, the PR agency worked for before. Jeannie Javelosa is a Fair Goddess (if there is one).

    She also owns other sustainable businesses and has a resthouse (one of 4 allowed by the spirits) on Banahaw. Really magical person, in all aspect of the word.

  2. Well please let her know that I love the place! The food is yummy too. Made me a real fan of aligue pasta!