Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sancho's Churreria Manila in Maginhawa Street

It was one of those days where schedules were not in sync and so I ended up having a quiet lunch along Maginhawa Street. I love how my good friend and talented photographer Didang always has good things to say about the area, and it is rather unfortunate that I am discovering the great places in the area only recently, considering I spent my memorable university years in the nearby Ateneo.

Maginhawa street cuts across 4 major baranggays of Quezon City - Sikatuna, East and West Teacher's Village, and UP Village. Maginhawa hosts a mushrooms of restaurants and bars where students, professionals, intellectuals and artists mingle and enjoy affordable, delicious food.

Another good friend and entrepreneur Dustin suggested that I try out Sancho's along Maginhawa. He mentioned Sikatuna village, which sounded far to me (I was so wrong!) and it was during a random passing through Maginhawa with a ravenous stomach that I saw Sancho in a happy accident. I went in and ordered my favourite Spanish dish.

I mentioned earlier that they are positioning Maginhawa as an up and coming art district of Manila. It is common to see restaurants featuring for saleable of have vibrant creations features on their walls.

Beef Salpicao for Php 170. I can't say if this is great, because I've always loved Salpicao. I made it one time. Very easy to cook but it is made and broken by the marinade.

Sancho Churreria Manila
122 Maginhawa Street
Teacher's Village
Diliman, Quezon City

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