Monday, August 16, 2010

Frazzled Cook near Shaw Boulevard

The individuals behind Frazzled cook are from the same family as those from Fat Michael's, so imagine having more or less the same food within the week. Yet they didn't disappoint, since we just all wanted something tasty and comforting for our taste buds.

Frazzled Cook's design is an ode to shabby chic, sporting a laid back artsy look that makes you imagine thinkers and creative geniuses whining and dining here - discussing existentialist angst over foamed iced teas.

Home made iced tea

Herbed chicken salad with basil vinagrette for Php 275

Pizza caprese for Php 270

Paella negra for PHp 400

Pancake ala mode for Php 180

The Frazzled Cook
916 Luna Mencias Street
Barangay Additional Hills, Mandaluyong City
Tel: 632 782 5980

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  1. Check out their website. It's so cool!