Sunday, August 15, 2010

Piazzo Pazzo's Gelato in Rockwell Mall

We spent one afternoon on gelato dessert in Rockwell's Piazzo Pazzo. Gelato is pretty much like ice cream, except that it is made with lower butterfat and sugar content. These balance the water content to act as anti-freeze to prevent gelato from freezing solid, hence the creamy cold treat we enjoy!

Jumbo Ice cream that allowed 20 gelati scoops of any flavor - for Php 310. My gelati requests were peanut cookie marble, menta (mint), and nocciola (hazelnut). Best to eat it as soon as it is set down on the table, because it will be difficult to distinguish flavours once the scoops start melting.

I was fortunate enough to catch three musicians entertaining the Rockwell crowd. I remembered my mother who always encouraged me to take up music, as it will accompany me in my solitude.

Piazzo Pazzo
Basement of Rockwell Power Plant Mall
Rockwell Drive Corner Estrella Street
Rockwell Center , Makati

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