Sunday, August 15, 2010

Som's Noodle House at the back of Rockwell

Som's is a kind of place that puts foodies in opposite ends of the specturm: some dislike dining there because it seems unhygienic and hot with moderate tasting food, while others are in high praises of its authentic Thai taste and good value for money. It's been around for a decade so I guess it is a testament to how good it is? My cousins and I sided with the latter reasoning: we are into primo value, great bagoong rice, and green curry that comes out strong.

Thai Tea for Php 40

Spring rolls for Php 90

Bagoong Fried Rice for Php 95

Green Curry Chicken for Php 150. Tender chicken strips and curry that burns your throat just right.

Phad Thai for Php 120 - this is different from the regular Phad Thai that I have, especially the ones from Bangkok. This seems sweet unlike the normal Phad Thai which is spicy and sour in different parts of one's taste bugs. I went on eating for the novelty of the taste, but used the green curry sauce for an added taste.

Chicken Pandan for Php 150

Som's Noodle House
5921 A. Alger St. Poblacion
Makati, Philippines
Tel: 632 757 8079

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