Saturday, August 21, 2010

Van Marley's Dutchkins! in Xavierville Avenue

Van Marley's is a hole in the wall along Xavierville Avenue, a very small place that satiates very big cravings. Thanks to my friend Bianca who randomly invited me for after dinner dessert and drinks. I also had the opportunity to meet one of the owners, Nachi, who patiently explained to me how they conceptualised the business and lifted it off the ground.

Nachi visited Amsterdam in 2008 and discovered poffertjes, a popular Dutch treat that resembled mini pancakes. They thought about importing this idea to the Philippines, so when he went back to Amsterdam in 2009 and 2010, he devoted the trips to taking notes on the creation of poffertjes and the finalization of their menu and concepts. Upon coming back here, they devoted around 5 months doing taste tests for their product line, with the help of Chef Laudico's consultancy staff. That, and more time to register the business (where in the Philippines, it takes quite some time and energy).

They name Van Marley's is sort of on Dutch origin. The Dutch love the Jamaican culture, and Marley is in reference to Bob Marley. Van Marley's translation is "Of Marley's."

Some items in the menu are not inherent in Dutch culture (like the Drunk Dori and their chicken selections), and that is because Nachi and his business partner Michael knew that they had to offer dishes that were familiar to the Filipino palate but still had a touch of Dutch cuisine.

Flying Dutch Wings for Php 155. I love this! One of my must-haves when I visit Vamas (short for Van Marley's - for the friends in the know). As mentioned above, chicken wings aren't really served in Dutch restaurants, but is well-loved by Filipinos. Instead, to stay consistent with the theme, they incorporated European spices and ingredients on the chicken mix.

Nutella and Praline Sauce Dutchkins for Php 142. Because my point and shoot will never do justice to Dutchkins, thanks to Carlos for lending the photo! But seriously, you have to have this yourself for you to experience the pleasure of having the mini pancake settle on your buds.

On very late evenings, Vamas turns into a a small watering hole where the owners' friends gather. They also sell a bunch of European beers for around Php 120-150 each bottle

Van Marley's
10-A Xavierville Avenue
Loyola Heights, Quezon City


  1. Speaking of Chef Laudico, you should try his restaurant in Taguig!

  2. I have been wanting to try that talaga but no time at all. And no one wants to try rin with my cause it's a little steep. But I was really happy with our dinner last night =)

  3. the price is overkill ... no decent parking ... food are hit & miss ... serving is in "MINIs" ... creamsicle milkshake & dutchkins are ok ... nothing spectacular

  4. Yes, the parking is difficult, but I go for the Dutchkins. I guess it helps to note what is important to you since their are a lot of alternative choices anyway