Sunday, August 22, 2010

Everybody's Cafe in San Fernando, Pampanga

I've been craving for a road trip to the culinary capital of the Philippines. Thank god one of my best friends agreed to put her life on the line, by spending this lazy Sunday on the passenger seat while I conquered my first long drive out of Manila.

Our first stop was Everybody's Cafe, heralded as the bastion of Kapampangan cuisine. We were welcomed by an English-fluent waiter who explained to us the specialties of the place

Me: Sir, alam mo ba dinayo pa namin ito! (We have travelled far for this)
Waiter: (imagine American twang) I understand Ma'am. That's why we'll have to make the most of it.

Now that's customer service.

Everybody's maintained its turo-turo set up, what you see is what you get style, which allows the diners to be realistic with their expectations. If you'd like to try one of each dish, you may request that they give you smaller servings.

Aside from the food I shall feature below, Everybody's also serves regular Filipino food chicharon bulaklak, kare-kare, sizzling sisig, lumpiang sariwa, pancit luglog and sweet sago and gulaman.

Bulalo soup came for free

Paku salad for Php 75

Kalabaw tapa for Php 150 - I love how they prepared the carabao meat. It seemed that the meat had thinner yet stronger strands. Otherwise it is no different from beef tapa.

Fried frog for Php 140. They also had stuffed frogs available.

Kapampangan sisig for Php 130. Much like regular sisig only it is steamed and it doesn't sizzle. It is only now that I discovered that this version exists.

Beef morcon for Php 150. My favourite! Very tasty. Worth the 45 minute drive =)

Fear factor challenge: Camaru (roasted crickets) for Php 150

The only piece of cricket that I ate. It was pretty much like anything squishy, I just wasn't strong enough to stomach the image of a cricket digesting in my intestines.

On the contrary, my friend loved the cricket dish. Different strokes for different folks!

Everybody's Cafe
Mac Arthur Highway, Del Pilar
San Fernando, Pampanga
Tel: 6345 860 1121
(advice: Google maps' directions are outdated, so when you get to Mac Arthur Highway, it is best to ask tricycle drivers for directions)


  1. i love following your culinary conquests faith! keep discovering :)

  2. Thank you Casper! =) Yes, discovering and learning is something I thoroughly enjoy =)

  3. Haha i had crickets before! yum yum! your blog is soo cute Faith! keep it up!!

  4. Really?? Hahaha crickets are not for me, I just had a taste of it

  5. Friends and I been there too last year for a Pampanga food trip. The foods at Everybody's Cafe taste really really good. That Camaru taste like adobo for me so I think I like it. :)