Monday, August 23, 2010

Iguana's Cantina Mexicana (formerly Zapata's) in Angeles, Pampanga

Heads up for foodies! The famous Zapata's authentic Mexican restaurant has moved from 480 Don Juico Avenue to 50 Meliton Road (go further down Don Juico Avenue, away from Robinson's place and way past C's Italian Dining). We went around Don Juico three times until the tricycle driver gave us some solid directions on the way to the new establishment.

Zapata's was named after Emilio Zapata Salazar, a leading Mexican figure in the 1910 Mexican revolution. He was a peasant child who gained insights on the hardships of the countryside, and in turn advocated for peasants who were forced into slavery by hacienderos.

I googled "best restaurants Pampanga" and Zapata's was one of the top hits. It lives up to its reputation with its strong tasting and spicy dishes that place it above all the seemingly run down Mexican restaurants in Manila that seem to cater to the Filipino sweet tooth.

Strawberry Margarita for Php 160 - I had a spoonfull of this, and it was well worth it. It gave a slight sting on the tongue that I get with very good margaritas. Too bad I wasn't able to enjoy this as much as I wanted to, since I was in charge of the wheel and am a responsible driver.

Quesedilla Supreme (Chicken!) for Php 210. The spiciness settled on my tongue well after it settled on my tummy.

Chili Zapata: Special "award Winning"... All Meat Chili served with fresh flour tortillas, borracho beans and Mexi-rice for Php 225. This was as award winning as they said this was. The beef was tender yet flavourful. I couldn't get enough of this!

Fajitas - grilled strips of marinated beef brought sizzling to your table with Mexi-rice and grilled peppers. Served with tortillas, salsa and sour cream for Php 320. I have reservations about this because while the beef marinade tasted good, the beef was cooked too soon and thus came out tough.

Iguana Cantina Mexicana (formerly Zapata's)
50 Meliton Road
Angeles City, Pampanga
Tel: 63 45 893 3654

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  1. Wow Mukhang masasarap ang mga pagkain nila dito. Sana mapauntahan namin to pag nag Pampanga food trip kami sa summer. :)