Monday, August 23, 2010

A La Creme in Angeles City, Pampanga

For our last stop for our short Pampanga food trip, we visited the small store of A La Creme to sample their famous Ube cake and Belgian Chocolate Cake.

Ube cake for Php 83. I didn't like this as much but my friend was very much sold on the flavour. Heavier than Red Ribbon's version.

Ube, known in the English language as purple yam, is a violet-colored tuber found extensively in the country. It can also be found across Southeast Asia and India. It is a regular added flavour for desserts or filing for Filipino pastries, breads and cakes.

A La Creme
Alcon Bldg., MacArthur Highway
Angeles City, Pampanga
Tel: 63 45 888 2303


  1. wow sabi nga masarap dyan. layo kasi e.

  2. Ha! Yun nga lang it's far. But the place doesn't look like its really much, pero ok naman yung cake sa loob

  3. Your post just gave hunger to my taste buds! Can't wait to go and have a try!

  4. I've been wanting to go to Cagayan because my friends always raves about it, just never had the opportunity to do so. I will refer to your website when I'm lucky enough to get the chance! =) Btw I love your design! So Filipino - sun and smiles

  5. i've been here a lot of times..and this is one of my favorites..especially the mud slide.

  6. Wow, the photo above is so enticing. I really love ube flavor. I have a relative in Pampanga. I will remember that place when I go there.

  7. Hi Faith, mind if we feature your photo on our blog? We'll credit your site of course.

    1. Ok. Please also give me the link once it is featured on your blog. Thanks! :)