Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Poco Deli in East Kapitolyo

Right after the Ateneo-La Salle game my cousins and I headed to Charlie's for a quick dinner, and then popped in Poco Deli for dessert (Aside: just to give you an idea how famous and contested this game is, it was difficult for me to pull out any of my friends for a trip to Pampanga because everyone's mind was on the game in one way or another. I feel treacherous for not having the same understanding of this community building event).

Poco deli has their own main menu and my cousin boasts of the superb callos that they offer. The establishment looked a bit tight but I guess that's what made it a conducive place to bond and laugh with family and friends. I like how they displayed their wine selections on the perimeter wall which solidified the deli vibes.

Dave's natural premium frozen yoghurt - cup of wild berry classic for Php 85

Another Dave's cup of vanilla bean yoghurt for Php 85. I didn't like this a lot (considering that I love vanilla) but my brother is very much sold on its taste.

I very much liked this one - chocolate caramel cake for Php 120.

Poco Deli
21 East Capitol Drive
Barrio Kapitolyo Pasig City
Tel 632 664 0519


  1. i have a get together here, and i was googling to get directions or the address... and yours was the first site that popped up!!! GOODJOB!

  2. Thanks Lees!! Happy birthday!! Eat for me =)