Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Keizo Authentic Japanese along Burgos Circle

On the few times that I have dropped by to have a quiet dinner at Keizo, it is always filled with Japanese clientele. It would take a while to land a table for ourselves. My mother loves Japanese so when we are hungry and can't think of any nice place that may satisfy her, Keizo it is. It is authentic and relatively cheap, and Chef Yasu and his sushi bar staff, Angelo and Ronald, are more than accommodating to their guests (asks us how the food is, and we've been given freebies - "taste tests")

Once when I dined in Keizo, I chatted up a Japanese national who took pictures of his food. "Are you a food blogger too?" I asked. Turns out he's a Japanese whose been living in Manila for 13 years, and has been following Chef Yasu since his days as a chef in a famous Japanese restaurant in Manila. Like many of Chef Yasu's patrons (and majority of the Keizo staff), they followed him when he set up his small restaurant in Kesington. Great quality and great taste does not have to come at a great cost.

It is also amusing how Keizo maintains a facebook and twitter account where they talk about the developments in the menu and the source of their food. Great marketing ploy to sustain the interest in the restaurant! Seems that their raw meat are sourced from Tsukiji.

When it comes to Japanese food, my family and I are very easy to please. Some of what we had:

Edemame (soybeans) for Php 120

Agedashi tofu for Php 150

Spicy Tuna Maki for Php 250

Beautiful Maki for Php 450

Unit 1-1, Kensington Place
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Manila, Philippines
Tel: 632 403 3839

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