Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beijing so far

The beauty with not knowing how to read Hanzi (except the characters chicken, beef and fish, so I stick with normal edibles) is that I become literally adventurous with my choices. I point out to a line and just have it

Steamed grasscarp - I practically drank the sauce of this! Just the right amount of salty and sweet.

Grilled Tilapia of sorts. Loved this, too.

Stewed bean curd with minced chili - my best discovery. A perfect combination of tofu and spices. I always ask if they have this in restaurants and I chanced upon this order by accident here.

Something my flatmate got for me from the small cart outside our compound, the ones that sell off the street. Great combination of pancake, chives and other spices.

Pesto, how I missed you! This inspired me to do home cooking again because this is too easy to cook but it took up 2/5 of my daily allowance

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