Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quan Ju De Peking Duck, Beijing

One of those evenings when my mother was still around, she treated me to one of the best Peking duck restaurants in Beijing. I loved being in the decadent restaurant after two days of walking around the (a tad bit messy) university area.

(Some history from the restaurant brochure) Quanren Yang, the first manager of Quanjuade roast duck restaurant, came from Beijing from the famine-striken area of Hebei Province.

When he first arrived in Beijing, he first engaged in buying and selling raw chicken and duck. From then Quanjude developed from an ordinary roast duck shop front to a real restaurant characterized by roast duck done by hanging in the over. This type of cooking has become well known through out Beijing.

This is probably one of the very rare fine dining experiences I'll have for this year.

Sweet and sour sea lettuce for RMB 35. Loved this!! But it's really just seaweed.

With a nifty arrangement behind the shell

For our main, we had the Quan Ju De Roast Duck (includes one tray of pancake and vegetable basket) for RMB 188

Pancake wrapper

Lettuce. The selection also came with the neatly and creative arrangement of cucumber, sugar, and onion leaves.

See the duck fat?? I had vertigo after 5 pieces of it

The skin also had a tinge of mandarin taste. The meat was soft enough

Worth the price! They also let you have the head!

A view of the goose's head

1/F, Block A.C, SP. Tower,
Tsinghua Science Park
Beijing 100084, China
Tel: +86 10 8215 1015

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