Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Biking in Beida and a street food experience

Nik, Seb and I spent our first morning of our autumn vacation biking in the beautiful and traditionally designed campus of Beijing University (Beijing Daxue, but BeiDa for short). The university grounds were arranged and landscaped as a lush park and a perfect respite for the hussle outside of its gates. I foresee more mornings reading under its trees or cycling around campus (with my thick coat!), but today, it is clean fun with my new friends.

Campus lake (!!)

For brunch, we wanted to eat in a Korean restaurant but our relatively poor Mandarin was not able to help us absorb proper instructions. Famished, we settled for a random food stall. We were warned in the university against street food, but we've had this a couple of times and found no lesson to be learned so far.

Beautiful Nik at behind the turo-turo station

10-piece dumplings for RMB 5

Dan dan mian (still not able to replicate my favorite) for RMB 6

Grilled selects for RMB 5 - sausage, beef, noodled, hot dog and cheese dog

Grilled selects for RMB 5 - tofu, mushroom, fish balls, squid balls

Random food stall
(In front of) Lotus Center
Wudaokou, Beijing

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