Thursday, September 23, 2010

Art loving in 798 and free tea from the gallery

We spent the entire afternoon in the alleys of 798 Art District. There is so much creativity brewing in its halls, every turn had something refreshing to share. Works of up and coming and contemporary mainland artists (and some Indonesians) were featured in the factories-turned-galleries, most fetching easily above RMB 5,000 (for a small painting - good value for money, I believe).

We were invited by one of the gallery directors to a short tea break. They were two old men, smoking, and it happened so fast: we looked around the gallery and I briefly glanced at their tea pot and they started pulling out some chairs. It was great how our conversation with them allowed us to some of our Mandarin. First time I've had tea in the country. A great accompaniment for a windy afternoon.

Chamomile, if I tasted correctly.

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