Thursday, September 23, 2010

First taste of pig's intestines! And an evening in Tian'anmen

Unfortunately I still can't read the menu so I will just describe what I had instead. (I can't read the name of the restaurant as well. We just walked in the first Chinese restaurant we saw.) We went in the only Chinese restaurant in some hidden corner in the Art District.

Salty version of fried beans? For RMB 13. Too much for me at first but the flavor grew on me eventually.

Another version of the minced pork with tofu for RMB 13 (I should make a collection out of this), not quite up to my taste.

Pig's intestines! ForRMB 38. This is Seb's favourite Chinese dish, apparently he has it a lot in France (!!) but its taste was too strong for me. I tried a piece tho. Once for this lifetime.

After dinner, we headed to Tiananmen (天安门广场) to catch some evening kite flying, but unfortunately there wasn't a show that particular time so we just made our rounds on the square instead. At 440,000 sq m, it is the largest public space in the world.

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