Thursday, September 02, 2010

Cafe Romulo in Tomas Morato

By this time I've figured out that my favourite food is Filipino food, and the top of head response will be kare kare please, if I weren't given a menu to help me chart through my decision properly.

I traveled with my best friends in Tomas Morato, on a busy Friday evening, to get a taste of this new Filipino restaurant that a lot of foodies are raving about.

We called earlier at 6 for a reservation, and they said that they couldn't let us in because the house is full for the evening. Anyway, we took our chances and arrived at around 9:20, but they let us in and had us dine one of their function rooms. The place was PACKED when we arrived, a lot more were starting to stream in.

Romulo Cafe was actually founded by the granddaughter of Carlos P. Romulo. Mr Romulo was the founder of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines, and served as President of the UNGA, as well as the chairman of the UNSC. His most significant contribution (in my life, at least) is his riveting piece entitled I am a Filipino. It gave me so much goosebumps as a child that I delivered it for my 6th grade declamation contest - in my white shirt, red bandana, folded jeans, no less. For added heart strings, the speech is posted on the main wall of Romulo Cafe (and I still memorize the first and last parts!)

Cool as Cucumber - fresh lime, fresh cucumber, mint leaves for Php 95

Sunshine Lemonade - fresh lemonade, strawberry syrup for Php 85

Chick Flick - strawberry syrup, white cream de cacao, fresh milk for Php 75

Baked Lemon grass chicken - Chicken marinated with fresh lemon grass stalks for Php 225

Tito Greg's Kare-kare for Php 350

The make or break aspect of kare-kare is the sauce. The most efficient way to get myself to eat veggies is if they are drowned in kare-kare sauce. I tasted the paste of the crushed peanuts on this one. I loved this! It had around 3-4 pieces of beef, the rest was tripe. I lump tripe with fat so I didn't get to eat much. But I was extremely satisfied with the sauce.

Bagoong rice for Php 120

Sisig rice for Php 120

Romulo Cafe
32 Scout Tuason corner Dr. Lazcano
Tomas Morato, Quezon City
Tel: 632 332 7275

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