Monday, October 18, 2010

Bookworm Cafe in Sanlitun

I've been looking forward to spending an afternoon in Bookworm Cafe ever since my friend suggested it to me back when I was in Manila. Finally yesterday, I traveled downtown and paced Nansanlitun twice before I finally found it (Just off the village! Lonely Planet's map failed me). I loved Bookworm's interiors and it made the jacked up food prices very much worth it.

Warm lights, warm colors, warm interiors juxtaposed to the freezing temperature outside. I let afternoon slip into evening as I revisited and rewrote mind maps while slowly munching on Turkey and goat cheese, both ingredients I can't seem to find in the groceries.

Toasted Turkey Sandwich with Goat Cheese for RMB 42.

The Bookworm Beijing
Building 4, Nansanlitun Road
Chaoyang District
Beijing, China

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