Monday, October 25, 2010

Rou Jia Mou (lamb burger) from Huimin Jie, Xian, China

We explored a bit of Xian over the weekend and tasted most of Wikitravel's food suggestions (cross researched with other sources). It was great how the French boys and Nik were more than ready to take our taste buds on an adventure.

Our first stop was the busy street of Huimin, where I got a taste of Rou Jia Mo. According to Wikipedia, some details:

Rou jia mo, means "meat burger or meat sandwich," is a street food originated from Shaanxi Province of China and is now widely consumed all over China. The meat can be pork, stewed for hours in a soup consisting of over 20 kinds of spices and seasonings. Although it is possible to use only a few spices (which many vendors do), the resulting meat is less flavourful. In Muslim areas in Xi'an, the meat is usually beef (prepared Kabob style and seasoned with cumin and pepper), and in Gansu it is often lamb.

Rou Jia Mo for RMB 5. Tasted a lot like very soft corned beef.

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