Saturday, October 30, 2010

Food Varieties in Huimin Jie, Xian, China

Huimin Jie, the Muslim Quarter of Xian, had one too many hole in the wall places to eat in, so apologies for the absence of the restaurant title. It had a lot of people eating in, which is always a sure sign of good food to come.

Noodles in peanut and black sesame for RMB 5. The peanut lover in me is screamed - the perfect chemistry! I liked this so much I did not realized that I munched through the entire dish without speaking to anyone. The orange dabs are chili, another one of my lesser loves.

We ordered a beef baozi without estimating how big a baozi is (baozi are like large dumplings). The sample photos looked small, so imagine our surprise when we saw the baozi was instead BAOZI. That's my other friend Lin Zhen Long trying to emerge from the baskets of baozi

Beef baozi for RMB 12. Hail very cheap food.

Seafood baozi for RMB 10

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