Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lily Variety of Dumplings, Xian, China

This is rather belated, but two weeks ago we headed to Xian to discover a bit of Chinese history. After a full day of walking, we landed ourselves in the food court (and it really is a court, with a court yard and sturdy walk ways) and into probably the best place that offered comfort food - Lily's Variety of Dumplings (my guess is its Chinese title sounds more appealing).

Our good friend Seb was more than adept in ordering us the best dishes on the menu. It's not quite like Din Tai Fung, but it did well, and my favourite is their beef with noodles!

Beef with noodles for RMB 22. I LOVED this. After everyone was done with their serving, I took the sauce for myself and used it for my dumplings.

Cucumber plate for RMB 10.

Steamed spicy chicken dumpling for RMB 20. This one was my other favourite.

Steamed dumpling with seafood for RMB 15

Steamed sesame duck dumpling for RMB 20

This is the beginning of my love affair with dumplings.

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