Thursday, November 04, 2010

WILD street food at Wangfujing Dajie

My brother came over for a visit, so I planned our fear factor challenge at Wangfujng Dajie. This is where they sell all sorts of street food that were out of the ordinary. I'm glad that I went with people who are more than to taste something outside of their normal meals.

Baby scorpion for RMB 15, starfish for RMB 20, and sea horse for RMB 15

Seb and the scorpions. Quote of the night: "I'm French. We eat everything."

Lamb and lamb heart (for RMB 20). My brother liked the lamb heart best.

Fried starfish for RMB 20

Gecko lizard (finally, I had a taste!) for RMB 20 and scorpion for RMB 15

Nik with the fried centipede for RMB 20 - wasn't really worth much because we felt like we were eating into the stick

Pig intestines for RMB 20. I could not believe my brother ate this straight - piece my piece.

Frog: RMB 25. Grown man with morsels and sauce on his mouth: priceless.

Can you imagine eating these pigeons? For RMB 25

Me and my bird's nest. The seller said it is food for guys, and stopped short of screaming at me when I was about to take a bite.

Bird nest: 4 pieces for RMB 25 (But we got one piece for RMB 5)

Friend snake and fried crocodile - we didn't have this anymore because I already had it in Cambodia

All other varieties: snake skin, cocoon, other versions of animal hearts.

After our two hour taste test, we went to a cheap noodle house and ate dinner.

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