Tuesday, April 05, 2011

本店特色 "Bendian Tese"

本店特色 literally translates to "root store characteristic." All translations here (and the rest of my blog) are my own, so if you think they are incorrect, they most likely are.

It was one of those evenings when I ran errands around Wangfujing and ate as locals do 入国问俗 - enter a random place with lots of people, order two dishes, eat quietly, pay and then leave. I picked my familiar favourites.

宫 爆 鸡丁 ("gong bao jiding") Palace Stir-Fried Chicken cubes for RMB 15

肉沫粉条 ("Roumo Fentiao") - Meat-foamed noodles for RMB 14

Donghuamen Street,
Beijing, China
100006 (Across Hotel Kapok)

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