Saturday, March 26, 2011

特色菜 - 新建餐厅 Xinjiang Restaurant

On the Saturday of the 北航大学 University of Aeronautics debate workshop, around 12 of us had dinner in a Xinjiang restaurant near their school. I lost the name and the address but kept photos of our dishes. The best thing about eating with lots of Chinese friends is we get to try so many varieties because all the (12!) dishes are put on the lazy-Susan.

新疆拌菜 Assorted vegetables and meat for RMB 15

杞子凉瓜炒山药 Sauteed Bitter Melon with Chinese Yam for RMB 18

糖火烧 Baked sweetened Wheater Cake for RMB 2 per piece

咸蛋黄南瓜 Braised pumpkin with salted yolk for RMB 16

炒烤板筋 Stir-fried strips of tendon for RMB 32

巴郎子手撕羊排 Balangzi Lamp Chop for RMB 68

土耳其双吃 Diced lamb and pancake with thousand dressing / hot and sour sauce for RMB 58

京酱肉丝 Sauteed Shredded Mutton in sweet bean sauce for RMB 25

葡萄干油 Raisin soup for RMB 10

新疆大鸡 Xinjiang-style sauteed spicy chicken, large platter for RMB 58

 新疆八宝饭 Rice Pudding Xinjiang Style (eight treasures) for RMB 28

拔丝哈密瓜 wired Hami melon for RMB 18 (wired, meaning syrupy Hami melon)

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