Monday, March 21, 2011

Sumilao Corn Coffee arrives in Beijing!

No, Beijing is not a new distribution outlet for Philippines' almost famous Sumilao Corn Coffee, but I did pack some of it in my bag so I can enjoy it during the cold winter evenings here in China's political capital. I love the smell of it wafting while I read my books. It reminds me of the equally yummy chocnut coffee that I had, only this one I can brew right on my kitchen top.

The coffee is great as it is (no sugar!) but sometimes I add variations like sprinkles of chocnut powder or a dallop of condensed milk to recreate Hanoi coffee)

Sumilao Corn Coffee is a business ran by my good friend Cheenee. She and I worked together in the Ateneo Student Government's Committee for Social Concern and Involvement (I'm proud to say all the kids I managed went on to run for higher office the next year). Back when Sumilao farmers issue was hot, Cheenee was one of those who brought the issue to the classrooms of Ateneo.

She took this involvement a step further by setting up the Sumilao Agri-Enterprise (SAE), and her focus community is the group of farmers from the Higaonon trip (an indigenous people's group), who concurrently run an organic corn farm. Corn Coffee has been a traditional drink among these farmers so it only made sense to let the world have a taste of this drinking pleasure.

I loved it! Hope you do too!

Sumilao Corn Coffee
Distributed in 18 Days Coffee Roaster
Buendia corner South Super Highway
Makati City, Philippines

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