Sunday, December 19, 2010

陈麻婆 (Chenmapo) Hotpot

On love
the poison,
sweet wine
in vein,
with a sudden pain

OUCH. Above is the heart-wretching poem that my friend Chandler wrote and shared with me during dinner.

Two Mondays ago, Chandler and I ate in Chenmapo Hotpot place near Wudaokou. They served regular hotpot fare, perfect for a chilly winter evening. Chandler ordered in bulk so I could not identify the prices. Around RMB 270 for 2 persons.

Peanut sauce - I love this! This was mixed with the cooked beef and vegetables of your choosing.

Lovely design of the veggie platter

Thick seaweed slices

Fish tofu - firm just right

Marbled beef that we got on promo: buy two plates and take one for free

Fish strips

Chenmapo Hotpot 陈麻婆
Near Tsinghua East Gate
Beijing, China

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