Sunday, December 12, 2010

Roast Duck Restaurant near Guomao Station

My Kazakh friend Askar and I visited the Panjiayuan Antique Flea Market (潘家园旧货市场) yesterday, a visual delight of old goods that made me want to go complete vaudeville. Many of the stalls were manned by members of ethnic minorities, so much so that some lanes looked like they had a costume parade.

After our Panjiayuan Antique Market trip and on our way back to the Guomao subway station, he and I chanced upon a respectable Roast Duck Restaurant where we headed for lunch. Beijing is the disneyland of Peking Duck, so it wasn't surprising to find roast duck restaurants everywhere.


Their dishes were nothing spectacular, but the crispy duck skin and its succulent meat is always a welcome treat.

Braised kale with Beef 牛肉 Fillet for RMB 28

Half roast duck for RMB 36. 半个烤鸭是三十六块。

The restaurant is not too high end because they didn't show us how they sliced the ducks, which is common in more expensive establishments.

Long-lived bean curd for RMB 15

Roast Duck Restaurant
(烤鸭店 - just look for this sign)
Along Guomao Station, Exit D
Beijing, China

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