Sunday, December 05, 2010

Bridge Cafe in Wudaokou (桥咖啡在五道口)

One of my favourite places to study is Bridge Cafe in Wudaokou. I keep on going there for their great food, but it's its wooden interiors make the cafe look cozy and warm. The best thing about Bridge is that they are open 24 hours, and they serve wine and beer along with their coffee.


What's better is that sometime, ThinkInChina holds events in Bridge Cafe to create a well-informed expatriate set.

Nationalism and Politics in China: Professor Zhang Jian from School of Government, Peking University (乔咖啡有事件叫中国的族主义和政。 他是北京大学的教授)

My favorite meal is the American Breakfast with French Toast. The BEST French Toast I've had, and one that I crave for from time to time, is Antonio's French toast. This one is a superb rival, and the differentiating factor is that Antonio's sprinkles their with cinnamon.

American Breakfast - with French toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes and hot chocolate - for RMB 35 (this buys me 5 hours of table space) -美式早餐 - 和法国面包, 炒鸡蛋,培根,热巧克力 - 一共三十五块。我买的这些给我五点在咖啡店坐。

Bridge Cafe 桥咖啡
Room 8, Building 12
Huaqing Jiayuan, Chengfu Lu (West of Wudaokou Subway)
Haidan District, Beijing, China
华清嘉园, 二十号楼八号

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