Thursday, December 30, 2010

水烤晶肉-Korean Roast Meat Restaurant

韩国的尚烤肉点 - Korean Roast Meat Restaurant

The title roughly translates to "shuikao jingrou" : Water-roast-crystal-meat. I suppose true to form, the meat is roasted on a crystal-like slab placed at the center of the table.

Due to my hankering for kimchi, the Xian gang of four met for Christmas dinner in a Korean roast meat restaurant. We had a whole bunch of stuff, but my selected pics are:

豆腐 "doufu" - tofu

朝鲜泡菜 - "chaoxian paocai" - North Korean Chinese pickled vegetables

菜- "cai" - salad!

几个张牛肉- marbled slices of beef, roasted to perfection (notice the crystal slab and the flames below

B1, Gourmet City
23 Chengfu Street, Wudaokou
Haidian District, Beijing, China
(Behind Wudaokou Cinema)
海淀区, 成府路23号, 韩国美食城,B1楼

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