Saturday, January 01, 2011

新年快乐! St Regis New Year Midnight Supper

新年快乐!我和我的同误区一个有名酒店过新年。我吃吃很多饭,听听一个上海 jazz band,跳跳舞。 给力事欢迎新年!

My friend Nik and I rang New Year in style - while the rest of the individuals in our age group (probably) froze in Yen's 798 New Year countdown, the old souls in us joined St Regis Hotel's Midnight Supper and welcomed the New Year with the soothing tunes of a Shanghai jazz band.

I loved how the hotel prepared for the New Year - the charming floral centerpieces, glittering masks, overflowing bubbly and wine, and a warm and lively ambiance that contrasts from the piercing cold outside. The food was arranged such that it looked to beautiful to eat. I refrained from taking photos from the buffet and instead snapped silently on me seat. See for yourself - 好吃啊!

This is Nik and I's first New Year away from home, and its been nothing short of sophisticated. I hope this forebodes of a glamorous year ahead. On to a new decade!

Props to the best flatmate anyone could ever ask for

I'm a sucker for elegant arrangements

Sesame coated tuna with wasabi mayonnaise

Roast beef with goose liver! My winning pick!

Grilled shrimp with mustard (not shown)

Cherry tomato and mozarella skewer

Salmon roe and crab roe on buckwheat billinis

Shrimp and pineapple cocktail martini style

Homemade chocolate selection

Mousse with white chocolate shavings

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