Monday, January 10, 2011

Dai Wing Wah

I spent last week in Hong Kong to see old friends and mentors, and to celebrate 新年 with my mother. 香港的天气很舒服!A good break from the piercing cold of Beijing.

One evening, my friend and I chanced upon Dai Wing Wah is the one-starred Michelin starred restaurant my friend and I chanced upon after dinner, while walking along Wan Chai, so on the next evening, I went back for a quiet meal, to properly savour the flavour of their beef.

Beef braised noodle with soy sauce for HKD 48

I worship establishments that come up with very tender beef. I've had my share of beef that I'd have to gnaw that they almost tear my teeth out, but this one was so soft its beef was textured like cotton.

And, as if to jumpstart a fun-filled holiday in Asia's shopping capital, I received the biggest compliment from a credible source:


Dai Wing Wah
88 Henessy Road, G/F Wanchai
Hong Kong, China
Tel: +852 2527 7476

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