Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mercato Centrale Snaps

One of my last hurrahs for my Manila vacation was this morning's trip to the new foodie haven Mercanto Centrale. There were a couple of tents set up in the area - one for the organic market, and another one for the food and desserts sold by different restaurants. It was a better version of the Salcedo Market - Salcedo only sold organic goods and the food that had to be eaten on the go.

Below are some snaps of the food/goods we bought. It was mostly my mother who enjoyed the trip, because of the smorgasbord of organic products sold, as well as the Filipino food she is used to eating growing up.

Ginataang kuhol (snails in coconut). I excused myself from eating this since I had enough from Vietnam that would last me a lifetime.

Tulingan (a sort of fish)


Veggie chips

Cashew nuts from Palawan

A beautiful shade of orange

Organic tea galore

I also had the opportunity of meeting Foreign Secretary Alberto Romulo. He asked me about my knowledge of 汉语 and we exchanged a short conversation in Chinese. I felt my face fluster. =) Can't post my photo here - it was an embarrassing just-got-out-of-bed-and-decided-to-get-food-at-Mercato look.


  1. the tulingan looks really good!! that was my favorite as a child:)

  2. I still love it until now! Thanks for the comment pretty =)