Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bellagio (the real Cafe Lugang!)

It was the third week in Beijing of my good friends Anton and Ralvin, and we finally got together for our first winter night out together. We strolled along 新中关 and ended up in another version of Bellagio. In Manila, this is famously known as Lugang Cafe. The interiors are more or less the same. Some of what we had:

油淋鸡 Chicken and garlic in ginger oil for RMB 42

 台式卤肉 Taiwanese stewed minced pork for RMB 29. We liked this! I wasn't very much sold with this as the pork had a bit of fat and an egg was nestled at the bottom, tricking us into thinking that there were more pork inside the bowl.

The boys ordered 奶茶 milk tea (RMB 18) and 果汁 calamansi juice (RMB 22). They felt it priced more than what it is worth. And my glass of 热水 hot water was RMB 12.

 傻瓜干面 Minced pork in spicy peanut sauce over noodles for RMB 26. This is the Taiwanese version of DanDan Mian. Which makes it the Taiwanese version of the Sichuan style peanut noodles. A bit drier than what I am used to, especially since I always ask for extra peanut sauce (and they refused to give me more sauce), but I surprisingly liked this version.

新中关 shopping district
Beijing, China 北京, 中国

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