Monday, April 25, 2011

榆乐轩餐厅 Yuyuexuan Restaurant

One weekend, I decided to check out the East Orthodox Church inside the Russian Embassy in Dongzhimen. After an hour of walking and explaining myself in Mandarin, I faced a Russian security guard who could not speak Mandarin or English so it was the end of the line for me.

I rewarded myself with a meal in some random 胡同 hutong, revisiting some of my recent discoveries.

酸辣蕨棍粉 Spicy sour fern noodles for RMB 12. I remember trying this out in another restaurant so when I saw this again I knew I was in for a treat.

京酱肉丝 Capital sauce meat silk (direct translation - sorry!) for RMB 24. I first tasted this in one of the restaurants near the Badaling section of the Great Wall, and I've loved it ever since. Basically you envelop the chicken on the pasta-like wrapper.

榆乐轩餐厅 Yuyuexuan Restaurant
intersection of 东直门北小路 Dongzhimen North Street and 民安街 Min'an Street 
in front of 永康胡同 Yongkang Hutong
Beijing, China 北京

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