Saturday, April 30, 2011


My Beijing flatmates Nik and Michealle found this amazing Korean place in Beijing called Bibigo. The restaurant is positioning themselves as the healthy version of McDonalds. Bibigo simplifies the way one orders in 4 steps (after the break):

My hot stone black pearl rice with beef bulgogi, topped with sesame sauce for RMB 38

How to order:

I. Choose the dish:
1. Bibigo Rice - salad type healthy bibimbap
2. Bibimbap - traditional bibimbap with an array of nah-mul
3. Hot Stone Rice - traditional bibimbap served in sizzling hot stone pot (my favourite!)

II. Choose the rice
1. White
2. Black Pearl (my favourite!)
3. Sprouted Brown
4. Barley and White

III. Topping
1. Beef Bulgogi (my favourite!)
2. Pork Bulgogi 
3. Chicken
4. Tofu (will try this next time)

IV. Sauce
1. Kohot
2. Sesame Sauce (my favourite!)
3. Green Sesame
4. Citron Soy

And they then come with kimchi!

They also offer Korean tapas and creative drinks, but this new "healthy" concept works for me!

Basement Level, Park Plaza Mall
Beijing, China

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