Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dinner with Lucy's Hangzhou-based family

Apologies to the readers for the lame title, but when they led us in an ark-looking restaurant with decadent decor, then into a room full of laughter and food, I was swallowed whole by the experience. Below are some of the food we had - all South-style 吃饭.

牛头 - Cow's head. Easily my best discovery. 这是我的第一次吃这种美食

你看 - 很酷!

一种的素 some sort of veggie

Crab sauce with sticky rice - I liked this


一种好吃的面 some kind of yummy (jelly-fish like) noodles


猪肉和鸭肉 Pork and duck in spicy mustard soup

鱼头 Fish head

煮,然后炒的素,有效的牛肉 boiled then fried vegetables with bits of beef

I was 干杯-ed to 3 bottles of beer, and I never drink beer! But I took it in for the experience =) 帅弟弟在背景


Genuinely my best meal during the trip. Worth coming all the way to Hangzhou for this kind of food and this kind of company!

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