Monday, May 30, 2011

Zhiweiguan in Hangzhou

One of our goals in our Hangzhou trip was to try out 南方式小笼包 South-style xiaolongbao. We had it in one of Hangzhou's most famous chains Zhiweiguan. Perhaps it was due to the May holidays, and that it was a Sunday night, but their branch in 西湖 Xihu was packed and the turnover was quick.

They had an efficient way of inputting orders. First, we had to buy proxy-money at the front of the restaurant, then go to whichever counter served the food that we wanted to order. We went for the xiaolongbao, given to us as soon as we handed in the proxy-money and it seemed like the 服务员 waiter came out with around 5 batches of xiaolongbao every 5 minutes. 

小笼包 Xiaolongbao, RMB 15 for 8 pieces

See the soup!

海鲜小笼包 Shrimp Xiaolongbao, RMB 15 for 8 pieces

Somewhere along the mall area of West Lake
(Sorry no addy for this! We just found it while walking to find Louwailou)

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