Sunday, June 05, 2011

楼外楼 Louwailou, Hangzhou

楼外楼 Louwailou is Hangzhou's oldest and most authentic Zhejiang restaurant, located at the foot of Gushan hill, overlooking all of 西湖West Lake. This restaurant was established in 1848 (163 years ago). Reservations are not allowed in the restaurant so you need to arrive early if you want to eat on time.

Tip: Chinese eat dinner early, around 6:30 - 7, so by the time we arrived at 8:30 pm, most diners were on their way out, so we only had to wait a bit before they gave us a table.

One of their best: 东坡肉 (Dongpo pork). I tasted traces of rice wine in every tender and juicy bite. It was stewed for 2 hours, then the meat was transferred into the jars and covered with peach paper.

Dried tofu skin with meat bits. The pork was minced with salt, rice wine and egg yolk, flattened and then along with the thin tofu skin, rolled into a cylinder and cut into segments.

My top pick: 叫花童鸡 (Beggar's chicken). I would go back for this again! Chicken on the outside, then pork in the inside. Along with seasonings, the food is wrapped with lotus leaf and then oven-baked in clay jars for 4 hours. 

Full-house and a wedding during Labor Day holiday

楼外楼 Louwailou
30 Gushan Road
Hangzhou 31007, China

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