Tuesday, July 05, 2011

New York House Coffee and Burger in Wudaokou

My good friend Larissa of Live Beautiful is one of the most exciting foodies I've met in Beijing. She's an accidental foodie, because she's more of a health buff but somehow she always finds yummy places to try new food. Most of the time I can't catch up with her suggestions and just have to see it for myself.

Larissa took me and a couple of friends to a new burger joint, New York Cafe. For a Chinese owned cafe, it's pretty consistent with a New York menu, although there are off-tangent offerings like Korean barbecue pizza (to cater to masses of Korean students in 五道口) and dumplings.

Our best find! I recommend this: Dutch Stroopwafels for RMB 23

 It has apple filling in the middle. Not too sweet, just right

Gourmet pure beef hamburger for RMB 29. I don't know how they do it, but they don't freeze their patties

I will go back for this! Chicken Breast Hamburger for RMB 26

Cheese and mushroom pizza for RMB 39

See how cozy the background is? It's quiet and cool.
New York House Coffee and Burger
2/F, Huaqing Jiayuan Bldg 5 (Business side),
Wudaokou, Beijing, China

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