Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paris Baguette

Every once in a while, I try different kinds of dessert to satisfy my food cravings and after an extensive taste test of different cakes in Beijing that spanned 8 months, I found a piece of cake that helped me feel better about cloudy days: Paris Baguette's Tiramisu.
Tiramisu for RMB 18

Paris Baguette is a famous bakery chain Korea. When I first came to Beijing I thought their interiors were very rundown, and the only thing Parisian about it is its name. They went through a renovation, and now their bright interiors reflect clean and relaxing Parisian chic. Moreover, they revamped their selection of cakes and breads and changed their packaging. All these factors entice me to drop by there more.

Honestly, this is not the best that I've tasted, but someone the creamy vanilla filling and coffee choco powder, matched with spongy chiffon, functions as a short term panacea for bad days.

Paris Baguette
Ground floor, U-Center
Wudaokou, Beijing, China

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