Saturday, June 25, 2011

Let's Seafood/Let's Burger in Sanlitun Village (海鲜饭馆儿在三里屯村庄)

After an entire afternoon of shopping for spring clothes in wholesale market of 动物园市场, my friends and I headed to Sanlitun for dinner, drinks and dessert. We landed in Seafood / Let's Burger, where we ate for around 30 - 40 minutes and then chatted for 3 hours. 

Let's Seafood and Let's Burger are two different establishments owned by the same person, so waiters give you two menus when you ask for the 菜单. They cook the food in different kitchens but serve it on the same table.

Salmon and tiger prawns with carbonara sauce for RMB 88

Seafood pasta for RMB 78 - has clams, tiger prawns and mussels

Spicy chicken for RMG 65

RMB 28 Herb fries that came in different sauces from the counter

Chili burger for RMB 58

The prices are higher than what I'm used to (but then I am used to eating in Chinese restaurants), but still, the place was packed for a Tuesday evening. When I looked at the diners all I saw were affluent people randomly dining on a Tuesday night (when turnover of customers is quite slow).

They have an English speaking staff (who spoke to us in English even if we wanted to practice our Mandarin) - a sign of an expensive establishment catered for moneyed clients.

Let's Seafood/Let's Burger
三里屯村庄 Sanlitun Village
北京,中国 Beijing, China

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