Monday, June 20, 2011

"Live Beautiful" feature on what I eat (and how I exercise)

Live Beautiful is a health, beauty and fitness blog ran by Larissa Sawyer. Her blog provides a consistent stream of articles regarding her thoughts on how ordinary individuals can do simple things to improve their wellness. Her message is: No need to drastically change your life, but incremental changes and consistency will eventually give fruit to drastic changes.

I am a fan of Larissa's work, because I've seen firsthand how her body, frame of mind and outlook improved in the 4 months that I've known her.

Larissa is my classmate in Tsinghua University, and during one of our break times, she saw me doing arm lifts with 1.5L bottles of water and said: You have to be in my blog!

Below is an excerpt of my Live Beautiful feature:

On eating beautiful: My morning fix is mixing seasonal fresh fruits and yogurt in a blender.

On living beautiful:
1. I exercise with random items around my home like a water bottle or an iron machine
2. I eat at least one fruit a day to ensure something healthy enters my body
3. I drink 1.5 liters of water a day to avoid arthritis
4. Everyday I try to walk 10K steps to keep moving, or alternatively, do 15 - 20 laps in the Tsinghua University Olympic-sized pool

- - -
My priority has always been experiencing good food vs achieving a body that will launch a thousand ships; but in an effort to maintain my sunny disposition and agile, energetic body, I try to keep an exercise routine.

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  1. Wow what a healthy lifestyle! :) Keep well Faith :)