Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sculpting in Time cafe in Wudaokou

One of the habits I've gotten used to since becoming a student again is to reflect and study for long hours in a cafe. I've already shared my experiences in my favourite cafe in the university district Bridge Cafe, but Sculpting in Time is another place where I prefer to spend my time in, if only for their wider and yummier selection of Western food.

They offer gourmet rice meals, pasta, crepes, random snacks, and cocktails. I've found their wheat sandwiches to be my favourite. Its me, the sandwich and piles of practice sheets for around 3 - 4 hours.

Club Sandwich: Bacon, chicken and egg with side salad and fried for RMB 35

Sculpting in Time
1, Bldg 12, Huaqingjiayuan
Chengfu Lu, Wudaokou District
Beijing, China

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