Monday, February 27, 2012

Suzhou 大圆糕 (big round cake) and Suzhou's fish-squirrel specialty

Government girl Ishy and I spent a weekend in Suzhou, where we got a view of a number of imperial gardens and got a taste of Suzhou's street food. Below are some snaps I borrowed from her blog entry:

Ishy and a taste of the 大圆糕 (for the purpose of translation, I'll call it the big round cake)

The lady steams a puto-like bun and adds these ingredients on top

Choices of walnut (核桃仁), cherry (圣女果), red date (大红枣), dried raisin (葡萄干), black sesame (黑芝麻) - my favourite!, peanut (花生), strawberry flavor (草莓口味)

That's me, all wrapped up and enjoying my 花生大员糕. Don't let the grin trick you - I was freezing at -3C

Suzhou's famous dish is the fish squirrel. It's basically tilapia with its meat creatively turned over and fried inside out.

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