Saturday, March 10, 2012

蔬虎 Shuhu Vegetarian Restaurant

I've taken a serious liking to vegetarian restaurants these past few months. Probably because I hang out with more vegetarian or health conscious friends, who fill out middle table with veggies when we eat out. It was only in China that I got used to eating mostly vegetables, because the Chinese menu is filled with yummy veggie choices that makes it easy to chow on vegetables three times a day (although I still get angry stares from my guy friends when I forget to order meat when we eat out).

Shuhu Restaurant in the university district in Wudaokou is always a welcome choice when my friends and I run out of new options on where we will choose to share a meal. Note that the pictures below are all vegetables, and it somehow, for a previous meat-eater like me, all-veggies somehow tasted like the real thing.

Forever favorite 麻辣香瓜

This felt like jellyfish!

茄子 eggplant. The thick sauce is best accompanies by 白米饭 white rice.

蘑菇 mushrooms in lieu of squid

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