Sunday, May 13, 2012

老北京 Old Beijing Restaurant

Every Saturday after badminton, my friends and I eat in one of the restaurants nearby before heading to a night activity like 打麻将或者在三里屯去玩儿. I've successfully lobbied for us to venture out of the Shuguangli row of restaurants (near our badminton court), although this entry is a tribute to Old Beijing 老北京, the restaurant we formerly frequented for our post-work out grub, and the place that taught me to eat more veggies.

Thank you to Old Beijing for my one too many 烤鸭。

青菜 and 花生 - chefs can never go wrong.

I was never able to appreciate beans until this spicy bean and beef brisket

Hail to Old Beijing, who taught me how to eat bitter melon.

蘑菇 mushroom and 西兰花 broccoli: my two favorite veggies in the world. Back in my days in Tsinghua, I would eat these veggies everyday. 

Green pepper and pork - I tried to give it a shot, but I couldn't feel the connection between us

辣土豆根白米饭 Spicy potato and white rice is a dangerous but yummy combination of carbs. Whatever I lose during my badminton workout, I gain double when my chopsticks get a hold of these.

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