Sunday, October 09, 2011

Vineyard Cafe

This is rather belated, but last summer was the first time I tried out Vineyard Cafe in the up and coming Wudaoying Hutong 五道营胡同. Wudaoying is currently being developed and hyped up to be the next destination for hidden hutong gems for young urban professionals. 

Vineyard cafe has gained a reputation for their brunch menu, but whenever I bring new friends there at any time of the day, I always order their chili con carne. On some lazy mid-afternoons plowing through a Chinese article before hitting afternoon badminton, I sit for a couple of hours in Vineyard with a cup of coffee and lemon cheesecake - the taste is divine. It's worth the travel to midtown because I haven't found a sweet and sour cake like it. 

As with most middle-to-high end establishments in Beijing, free wifi is available in Vineyard Cafe. I lost the price list sometime in the past, enjoy these yummy photos for now!

I somehow cannot replicate their chili con carne, no matter how much I try.
Beef lasagna with fries and side salad

Egg omelet - perfect for brunch!

Was extra hungry that morning so I had another order of my favourite hummus

They have a small, cozy sun-house interior covered with a glass roof, to let in natural lighting. At the foreground is my gorgeous, intelligent and inspiring friend, Georgetown law student Sara.

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